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A variety of courses - under the lead of Prof. Piergiorgio Tozzi - are organised by the SGHC/SSCC to provide excellent insights into surgical techniques and strategies. On life-like models, called humanoids, specifically developed for this course, participants will learn surgical technics in a one-to-one relationship with the assigned tutor.  Participants will be evaluated all days long based on Objective Structured Assessment of Technical Skills criteria. At the end of the course participant will receive

a detailed feedback on his/her performance and a certification for having successfully completed the course.

Who should not miss these courses: Trainees in cardiac surgery in Switzerland, junior consultants and potential candidates to cardiac surgery training. The course is also open to MDs from all European countries.

Visit the tutorial about "Demystifying Mitral Valve Regurgitation Repair: Surgical Techniques for MD Students and Junior Residents in Cardiac Surgery" now online: LINK

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